UAV Drone Services


Martinez Couch & Associates, LLC and Photoflight Aerial Media can acquire, process and deliver aerial imagery and video that can be used for your next project.


We provide quick acquisition of data that can be used to develop accurate 3D point clouds, surface models and orthomosaic imagery for design projects.  Our services can be utilized to perform QA/QC, supplement existing survey data, track construction progress, provide site data for preliminary design and provide support for projects that are otherwise unsafe or difficult to access.


Photoflight Aerial Media is FAA licensed and insured.

Martinez Couch & Associates, LLC is a certified as a MBE and DBE in the State of Connecticut.



Why Use Drones?


Drone aerial imagery provides a cost effective way to obtain current aerial data for design projects. Weekly or monthly flights can be provided to document existing conditions, track construction progress, and to ensure contract compliance. We can provide quick data turnaround for projects that require surface data for preliminary design or feasibility studies. The quality of drone data provides the ability to view details such as paint markings, that might not be clearly visible on other aerial images.


Drones also eliminate safety and health concerns for staff that would otherwise have to be exposed to unsafe site conditions at hazardous sites as well as sites that are difficult to access.




Quick Data Turnaround


Construction Progress


Data Quality


Potential Uses


Contaminated Sites

Hazardous Sites

Preliminary Design

Building Inspections


Volume Calculations

Construction Progress

Bridge Inspection

Inaccessible Areas

Topographic Survey

3D Point Clouds

Orthomosaic Images







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